• The value of technology
    lies in its use by those who need it.

  • Deliver clinical education using VR,
    creating a realistic and
    immersive experience of
    the clinical situation.

  • Technology reveals
    its true value when used by
    those who need them.

  • Deliver the realistic
    clinical situation via VR
    medical education.



  • All-in-one medical and welfare VR platform JOLLYGOOD+


    Created using Jolly Good’s unique methods, JOLLYGOOD+ is a monthly subscription service specializing in digital health VR that allows you to experience VR content from your own perspective, created using Jolly Good’s unique method, anytime, anywhere, again and again.

  • You can create high quality medical VR contents by yourself


    JOLLYGOOD+make is a VR production solution that allows you to self-produce a wide variety of medical VR content using a high-precision VR camera. You can create your own 360-degree live-action VR content from your own perspective.

  • ※Unapproved, under development
    Digital Therapeutics


    VRDTX is a new digital therapeutics, some based on cognitive behavioral therapy, to create a world where many people can receive appropriate treatment and lead happier lives.


MOVIE VR hands on training


VR Hands-on is the world's first VR practice evaluation solution that overlays the player's hands displayed by hand-tracking sensors on the realistic 360-degree treatment video of a master doctor's technique, enabling the player to simultaneously experience realistic practice exercises that cannot be experienced in a CG space.

By evaluating the player's proficiency level by judging the gaze, hand position, tilt, and other factors at key points, the system maintains and improves the player's motivation to continue the VR practice repeatedly.

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