Launching the world’s first all-in-one medical and welfare VR platform JOLLYGOOD+


Providing to medical and welfare facilities for training medical professionals, for mental care and employment support of patients

TOKYO, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jolly Good Inc. (“Jolly Good”) will begin providing JOLLYGOOD+, an all-in-one medical and welfare VR platform that integrates medical education VR for medical staff training, nursing care training VR, social skills training (SST) VR, and recreational VR.

■The JOLLYGOOD+ all-in-one medical and welfare VR platform
Created using Jolly Good’s unique methods, JOLLYGOOD+ is an all-in-one VR platform specializing in digital health that allows users to experience VR content from the perspective of the people involved: anytime, anywhere, again and again.

JOLLYGOOD+ includes all the VR categories necessary for medical and welfare field, such as medical VR for training professionals, elderly care VR, mental care for people with disabilities and patients, and social skill training for employment support. In addition to clinical training for staff working in the medical and welfare industries, VR training can be provided for a wide range of applications, such as independence support and relaxation for patients.